The Exploit

Following her harrowing pursuit of sinister cybercriminal Dantalion, and her life-changing decision to pursue personal vengeance, Ericka Blackwood hit rock bottom. The only way she can find redemption is through the relentless hunt for her former quarry.

But Ericka is not the only one seeking Dantalion, whose scope has extended from orchestrating murder via the Dark Web and entered the world of international terrorism. A series of explosions in Pakistan alerts intelligence services to the possibility of Dantalion’s involvement, and Ericka, and her old colleagues from the FBI, are hot on the criminal mastermind’s trail.

Which is exactly what he wants…

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August 27th: Indigo Victoria for The Hacker at 1-3PM

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“The Exploit packs a serious punch. Brimming with authentic technologies that power our modern world — as well as the vulnerabilities that threaten it. A dark and gripping tale that we all hope remains fiction!” – Daniel Suarez, New York Times bestselling author of Daemon and Freedom

“Out of all of the techno-thriller books I’ve read, or even just regular thrillers that employ some light tech references or hacking techniques, this series is by far the best. The Exploit is a brilliant cross-genre concoction of thriller, techno-thriller, hacker lore, and realistic possibilities, making it a terrifying blend of a thriller that will leave readers wanting to go off grid..” – Stuart Ashenbrenner of Best Thriller Books

“The Exploit is an awe-striking heat-seeking missile of a thriller with a compelling narrative supercharged by memorable main characters and timely warnings about a future where everything can be manipulated at the touch of a button. Daniel Scanlan is playing in the big leagues!” – Kashif Hussain of Best Thriller Books

“Again I have to say this is a standout read, a different type of thriller to the norm, focusing more as it does on cybercrime, it is a whipsmart intelligent read, with a plot both slick and taut in its construct.” – Andy Wormald