The Hacker

When a video surfaces on the Dark Web showing a murder she herself solved, the sole suspect dead at the scene, FBI Special Agent Ericka Blackwood starts her pursuit, but is unprepared for what she finds. Hidden behind an avatar named Dantalion, a criminal mastermind is feeding his sadistic appetites by directing and experiencing the twisted crimes of others – and he’s been doing it for years. As Ericka homes in on her target, the tables are turned and she faces the most skilled hacker she’s ever encountered. Dantalion knows her secrets and has information that Ericka has sought for years to fulfil a deeply personal quest, but only if she pays his price, risking her career, her life, and her ability to prevent his greatest crime. And time is running out.

The Hacker is available to order at any local independent bookstore, as well as a number of online platforms worldwide.